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Lisa P



Lisa P Trance Session


Wednesday's: 20:00 - 21:00 GMT

I'm a UK-based DJ that has been a lover of all 4/4 styles since my early clubbing adventures began at the tender age of 19... this was quickly followed by a passion for mixing my favourite tunes - from hard dance to trance, house to techno - and, when I wasn't on the dancefloor, playing out across various bar and club venues in Bristol over the years.

Fast forward some 20(+) years (!) later, the love for those favourite tunes continues and for all the crap it has shovelled, the pandemic and all the lockdowns have at least help me reconnect properly with those old Trance favourites as well as new and upfront Trance tunage!

Expect a mix of old and new, lovely uplifting melodies, haunting vocals and driving beats on my show for Trance Wednesdays.

Thanks for tuning in! xxx