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Jos Sotelo DJ



Latin Nights (Wednesday 7PM GMT)

Head Dj for Latin Nights

Was born in Toluca, Mexico on 1980 April 23
I have a Business Master’s Degree, CEO of Gaso-Tec
I started my Dj career in 2009, under the teaching of Ramiro Tolento (Dr. Beat, first Mexican Dj to participate in world competitions), my first live performance was in 2014 to 2019 Together we create “OnFrecuency Music” on 2017, as he sadly passed away.
I have played live at many clubs, private parties and yachts. At the moment and due to the world situation, I have to stopped playing.
Currently I do streamings for german channels and radio stations in Uk thanks to Dirk Rusche “Ruhrgabeatz” who supported me to be know in many parts of the world.
I'm a very grateful person, with a positive attitude, humble and I like to support my colleagues.
I love to play with vinyl and love all the music especially Tech House I hope you enjoy my mixes as much as I enjoy making them.
“Play with your heart and brains… not with your eyes” Ramiro Tolento “Dr. Beat